Become a Part of Team Excel


TEAM EXCEL volunteers are people in the community that have a strong desire to help students thrive in the areas of academics, attendance and community service. Volunteers serve as team leaders and all activities are done in a team environment with ten students paired with four team leaders. Serving as a team leader can be a rewarding experience for the adults and students. All team leaders are offered training and resources to help guide them through the experience and offer support along the way. We believe in teamwork!


Volunteers from local businesses, educational institutions and non-profit organizations administer life skill training. Sessions include topics such as leadership, time management, financial literacy, conflict resolution, etc.

There is always a need for guest speakers to visit with students and discuss their careers and career paths. In order for our students to dream and pursue different careers, TEAM EXCEL exposes them to individuals in professional and technical careers. If you are interested in serving as a guest speaker or workshop facilitator, please contact us.


TEAM EXCEL is interested in working with current and former professional athletes that have a desire to improve the chances of success for our young people. As a professional athlete, Michael Robinson is eager to work with athletes across ALL sports to join in this effort to work as a team. He understands the unique opportunity available to professional athletes to impact change. TEAM EXCEL is a great opportunity for professional athletes to come together to make a larger impact as a TEAM!

If you are interested in joining Michael in this effort, please contact us.