About Team Excel


TEAM EXCEL is a “reverse” Fantasy Football concept where students become the fantasy athletes, and professional athletes and community mentors serve as team coaches. Each week, students receive individual and team scores based on their grades, attendance, and community service. Teams compete for weekly prizes based on their team averages, with grand prizes awarded at the end of marking periods and the end of the year or “season”. Individual prizes are also awarded to students that excel throughout the year.


In addition to the hard work students put in to excel in the classroom, they are also encouraged to participate in community service activities. These experiences teach the students the value of giving back and serving others. If your organization has a potential community service project for our students, please contact us.


Professional athletes, including Michael Robinson, serve as the area coaches for the program. The purpose of the professional athletes is to keep the students motivated, build personal relationships with successful and driven professionals, and offer a different level of encouragement to the students.


Community volunteers serve as “team leaders” for the students. These adults are recruited from local businesses, schools, and community organizations. The team leaders serve as facilitators and assist with strategizing for the team, and connecting students to academic resources. They build personal relationships with the students and facilitate weekly life-skills training and team building sessions with the teams.


Students are required to participate in weekly sessions that consist of guest speakers and workshops. Guest speakers introduce potential career opportunities while the workshops focus on life-skills such as leadership, financial literacy, etc. Members of the business, academic and local community conduct training sessions and serve as guest speakers.


  • Marketing & Branding (“Creating Your Franchise”)
  • Finance (“The X’s & O’s of Dollars & Cents”)
  • Leadership (“The TEAM CAPTAIN In YOU”)
  • Health & Nutrition (“The Training Table”)
  • Goal Setting (“Keeping Score”)
  • Communication Skills (“Signals & Plays”)
  • Time Management (“Two Minute Warning”)